Easy VTA

New Accurate VTA adjustment with the precision, ease and repeatability that only a micrometer VTA adjuster can offer. Easy to install and with tighter collar tolerance to improve overall arm rigidity. Turn your already excellent Jelco Tonearm into a world class Tonearm with VTA on the fly facility.

New custom made micrometers. We found a micrometer manufacturer that was willing to deliver custom made micrometers. Normal "stock" micrometer start at 25mm and get towards 0mm as you lift the tonearm. We think that this is not ideal. Our manufacturer will do the read-out scale "upside-down", so that it is at 0mm when tonearm is lowered, and at 25mm when tonearm ist totally lifted. Also, it will be a black micrometer with silver read-out scale for the black Easy VTA (non existent on the market), and a Silver micrometer with black read-out scale.

Order now the New Accurate VTA for 149 pounds.

To Order your Easy VTA On The Fly, just go to Contacts and drop us an email were you specify the color (black/silver) and you address, and we will contact you with the payment details.